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Feeling sorry for myself derp

charizard crying
Sometimes I feel so silly when I cry especially when I know its for a stupid reason.

Its just two of my friends I've been friends with for years are just always busy with their friends,I know its silly to get upset when they can't come see me.I know they have school and other friends to hang out with I can't expect them to remember I invited them over 2 weeks ago but I only live like 10 miles from them and haven't seen them since June.My other friend who's in the military came home for a week and she took the time to see me even though she has other friends too.

I feel bratty every time I cry because they can't come over.
Hooray for pouring out feelings to the internet instead of the friends I should be telling this to.

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2. I ship to anywhere.
3. All Items are shipped from the US.
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5.If it takes you weeks to get back to me about a sale or trade I consider the item free game
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Aug. 8th, 2010

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whoo vegas with my friends in 2 days can't wait :D

Aug. 2nd, 2010

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 oh baw no sales permission XD; I got lazy and didn't keep active enough  through the 250 comments beg to differ oh well
whoooo 8 days till vegas and my god my feet are sore I went on an adventure today :3 took a bus to go to the 2nd hand then walked down towards the mini swap meet to see nothing in particular cause I missed the bus 8D; and then took the bus down to walmart to check out private things then had to walk again cause I missed the bus again I BLAME THE LIGHTS THEY WERE WORKING AGAINST ME >:C, So's I got to target and strolled around then had to walk AGAIN cause I missed once more and right when I got to the front of my street I spotted my friends mom and hitched out my thumb for her XD so I got a ride down the block to my house and I am now soaking sore feet ;0; and my face is red I believe it will get worse in vegas ohgod -dies of heatstroke-

Jul. 24th, 2010

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 Soo we went to get chinese food today and it was right across from hooters,this is the sign that tells you hooters is in the area

Jul. 18th, 2010

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 Went to Disneyland and California adventure today <3 for Disney's 55th anniversary,had a lot of fun with my nephew but dang are my feet sore </3. Splash mountain got revenge on me cause I said I would get wetter on the river rapids :c I sat up front and it soaked me but I loved it <33 also found out my star bag glows in the dark ;D omg so much more love for my second hand bag, but omg damn you disney ruining my chance to see world of color :c apparently if you go to get tickets for it at 6 pm its only for the 11 pm one bleeh buut yaay 24 days till Vegas with my bestie's/sister's <3 were taking a 7 seater for a 4 hour drive to Vegas for 4 days so much fun,me and my three friends have never been to Vegas all together and its one of my friends first time to go :3. Gah I cant wait daiquiris,adventuredome,new york new york,mgm,staying in our own room,poool cause its going to be hot as hell D; seriously,nanana so excited.


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lol lol lol temporary banner

If You have any of these for sale please do tell me but understand I might not be able to buy them unless I have money at the time or you want cards cause I would totally trade xD.
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The Hidden Cove

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 There lies a cove just off of Cerulean city,It's a beautiful place, the water is pure and unpolluted, the grass is so green and soft. Below the surface there are tunnels that lead to caves. A cottage sits on a hill near the edge of the trees,home to one trainer and her many companions. The hidden cove as they call it holds true to its name except to one person..Me :).

lalala under construction

ohgod its everywhere OHGOD

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This is what happens when you have two hyper girls in the middle of the night with lotion.


ohgod it was everywhere I don't have photos of me and my friend but it was horrible

Lotion gooped in my hair,all over my face,in my mouth a little DX,all over my clothes,some by my ear.

I did get pictures of what happened to my room >.>;
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as you see nothing was safe from our lotion wrath >:C


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Derpy pikachu says Derp derp

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