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My Poke cards bring all the nerds to the the yard and dang right they're for trade

1. I Accept Paypal, Echecks are fine just know that I will not ship till the money goes through
2. I ship to anywhere.
3. All Items are shipped from the US.
4. I will hold items for up to 3 days, unless the buyer notifies me and is still committed to buy. After that, they’re back on sale.
5.If it takes you weeks to get back to me about a sale or trade I consider the item free game
6. Shipping is .60 to 2.50 for cards
7. Trades are accepted! I am interested in anything on my wishlist
8. Please leave feedback for me! My feedback thread is here:

Flips 25 cents each (Only ones left are listed)
Pikachu to Raichu
Abra to Kadabra
Bellsprout to Weepinbell
Caterpie to Metapod
Cubone to Marowak x4
Diglett to Dugtrio
Drowzee to Hypno x2
Ekans to Arbok x2
Exeggcute to Exeggutor x2
Gastly to Haunter
Geodude to Graveler x2
Goldeen to Seaking
Grimer to Muk
Hitmonlee x4
Horsea to Seadra x2
Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff x3
Krabby to Kingler
Magnemite to Magneton
Mankey to Primeape x4
Nidoran to Nidorino x2
Nidoran to Nidorina
Omanyte to Omastar x3
Pidgey to Pidgeotto x4
Rattata to Raticate
Spearow to Fearow x3
Squirtle to Wartortle x2
Voltorb to Electrode x2
Weedle to Kakuna x3

Pan Stickers

75 cents each

50 cents each

Neopets plush 3.00 each

Tags: pokemon cards sale cerulean cove
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