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lol lol lol temporary banner

If You have any of these for sale please do tell me but understand I might not be able to buy them unless I have money at the time or you want cards cause I would totally trade xD.
Its a Wishlist of course its image heavy XD;Collapse )

ohgod its everywhere OHGOD

This is what happens when you have two hyper girls in the middle of the night with lotion.


ohgod it was everywhere I don't have photos of me and my friend but it was horrible

Lotion gooped in my hair,all over my face,in my mouth a little DX,all over my clothes,some by my ear.

I did get pictures of what happened to my room >.>;
Epic Fight Right HereCollapse )
as you see nothing was safe from our lotion wrath >:C



Derpy pikachu says Derp derp

If I bought or traded you for anything leave a comment  with this format :3
Items bought/traded/sold:
Rating: ?/5


 omg finally 18 <3333


 Hi im Christina Im 17  My birthday is June 6th (4 more days <333) and I live in California, I love to read and sometimes draw horrible pictures :3.

I love pokemon,big cats,wolve's,murder mysteries,wolf's rain,inuyasha,harry potter,lion king,and balto.

I own 6 spoiled cats and a Spoiled Dog
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